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Dental Patient Education Videos

MarketDental and our partner MediaMed offers you over 100 comprehensive easy to understand patient education videos, explaining a wide range of dental procedures. Each dental procedure video is less than four minutes long and covers risk, benefits, and alternatives.

The compelling videos are a combination of stunning 3D animation, HD footage of actual dental treatments and multi-lingual voiceovers. Currently available in Spanish, English, and French.
Dental Patient Education includes over 100 lessons on:

    * New Patient Exam
    * Office Cleaning
    * Amalgam Filling
    * Bridge
    * Denture
    * Composite Filling
    * Crown
    * Crown Material Comparison
    * Extraction
    * Home Teeth Whitening
    * Immediate Denture
    * Implant for Crown & Bridge
    * Implant for Denture
    * Inlay
    * Dental Filling Materials
    * Gold Crown
    * Night Guard
    * Office Teeth Whitening
    * Brushing & Flossing
    * Partial Denture
    * Pediatric First Visit
    * Porcelain Crown
    * Porcelain Fused to Metal
    * Porcelain Inlay
    * Post Surgery Instructions
    * Pediatric Teeth Cleaning
    * Alternatives to Root Canal
    * Root Canal
    * Scaling & Root Planing (Deep Cleaning)
    * Sealants & Sports Guard
    * Stayplate (Temporary Denture)
    * Veneer
    * Wisdom Teeth

Subscription base fee of only $49.99/month
In order to manage your own Patient Education - Videos Package please contact us.