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Dental Search Engine Optimization

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Dental Search Engine Optimization - SEO process

Search Engine Optimization is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings, and could be considered a subset of search engine marketing.

SEO is the process in which your website undergoes redevelopment to properly and best communicate your keywords to search engines. In order for your website to rank highly among major search engines, you must understand how they become ranked.

Search engines rank based on two major factors:

  1. Unique content with pertinent keywords in the body, and link popularity - the number of quality incoming links your website has;
  2. Other important algorithms that determine your ranking with search engines are the architecture of the site, visibility of your content, underlying code and how natural your site appears to the engines.

Dental SEO package include:

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization covers what can be done on the pages of the website itself.

1) Research

  • Initial analysis (source code - web standards compliance);
  • Analyze competition;
  • Research main keywords (keyword & services selection);
  • Defining the target audience for your site.

2) Gathering Data

  • Traffic analysis;
  • Tracking keyword searches;
  • Keyword suggestion if different from list submitted by you;
  • Including gathering data from Google Keyword Planner;
    • Get search volume for a list of keywords;
    • Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords, and new keyword ideas.

3) Analyze & Optimize

  • Keyword optimization;
    • Page keyword density optimization;
    • Meta tag creation and optimization.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization covers activity that takes place elsewhere (link-building, social networking)

4) Link Popularity

  • News & articles submission *;
  • Search engine submission;
  • Marketing & link-building;
  • Local directory submission.
* Content copywriting is not included. Assistance with articles copywriting can be provided

5) Build Online Reputation

  • Dental Practice Reviews Strategy;
  • Local Search Ranking;
  • Social Bookmarking.

6) Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Manage & Report

​OrangeLEAF - Web Analytics Platform​

  • Keep Improving...
  • Page analysis focusing on internal page components;
  • XML Sitemap submission to Google Webmasters;
  • Complete analysis and reporting of the keywords using our platform;
  • ​Login to OrangeLEAF - Web Analytics Platform​ to access status report which shows keywords and/or phrases and their trends. This is a way for you to quantify what we are doing, while keeping track of website traffic trends. If a particular keyword or keywords are not generating the right exposure, changes will be made.

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