Leave the paperwork out of the waiting room

Patients want convenience from the comfort of their home and you can provide this easily.


Data is never stored on any device and all information transferred between the patient and your website through the Internet is encrypted at the highest level of security, using modern encryption.

New patient forms can be also completed on the tablet in the waiting room. This saves time for staff while helping reduce transcribing errors and eliminating the need to clarify patient handwriting.

Spend more time listening to your patients. Patients feel the difference. Collect signatures on every form, from any device. Like any other field, signatures will appear on the PDFs once are submitted.

Features & Benefits

Digital Signatures Unlimited Submissions SSL Secure Submissions Integrate with your Website Available for Waiting Room   SignForms - Dashboard Access   DesignForms - Form Builder SMS & Email Notifications New Patient Reports   Cancel Anytime

We can build any custom forms

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Do you have your own forms?

We are happy to build cutting-edge digital forms based on your existing hard copies in 3 easy steps.

Two plans are available

Quickly create and publish powerful online forms that collect data on any device.

Paperless New Patient Forms

SignForms - Paperless Dental Forms

A paperless solution - Anywhere, anytime, any device.

SignForms is a patient management platform that enables dental practices to go paperless. Our application helps to reduce paper use, increase efficiency with a secure and easy way to gather the data and collect digital signatures on every form, from any device.

Patients want convenience from the comfort of their home and you can provide this easily! Patients will no doubt appreciate the convenience and leisurely filling out the forms at home, where they have access to necessary information.

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