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Partner With Us

Companies interested in exploring partnership or other business opportunities related to our services are invited to contact us.

Our partners help us reach new market segments. They typically have a presence in their market and access to a large prospect base. Their existing clients, as well as the prospects they target, are both prospects for MarketDental solutions. Our partner introduces MarketDental to their market as a value added service to theirs.

If you'd like to partner with us we invite you to take the first step and contact us. We're committed to providing our partners with the highest level of attention, service, and support.

Our Partners

dentpedia Networks

dentpedia Network offers dental online appointment services for practices. Our software allows you to please your patients with an automatic appointment request interface working online around the clock.

Sinclair Dental

Canadian full-service dental supply company with offices across Canada, providing innovative solutions and adapting to ever-changing trends and needs in dental industry.

Dental Strategy

Dental Strategy is the Canadian leader in dental demographics and dental business intelligence. Specializes in helping Canadian dentists start, or purchase a dental practice, or improve an existing practice through a more effective business and marketing strategy.

Tax Clinic

Tax and Accounting Services. Chartered Accountant with significant business expertise in serving medical and dental professionals, provides a full range of tax, audit and bookkeeping services. For more information please contact Dorin Mihalache at

Premiuhm Brand

Premiuhm Brand is a little company that creates compelling communications and winning strategies, while using a portion of our time and revenue to support giving companies. Whether it be content for your brand online, communications, or simply consulting, our no nonsense approach helps organizations to communicate with their target online audience in plain, elegant language, develop their next big thing, and create a strategy that will help take it to market. We're regular people who love to work with other regular people who believe in supporting companies that give back.


APACHEMEDIA is an Advertising Agency, award-winning communication and design studio. Primarily Internet-based, our work is strategic, innovative and custom-made, that produces web sites, graphic, interactive, branding and graphic identity design.