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Regular Posts on Facebook for Dentists

Let us take over your dental practice Facebook page and connect with your patients. We post engaging dentistry-related content regularly three times a week.

Most dentists don't have time to post regularly on social media. This is where MarketDental can help you. Our Facebook posts will improve your online reputation, and grow your social media presence. They consist of fun and engaging dental content, with personalized hashtags and images with your logo. Not only that, our posts are linked to your website so you will notice an increase in website traffic as well.

One of the most affordable and convenient ways to be active on social media and get new patients.

Integrated Content Publishing

3 posts per week Customized dental trivia & facts Creating engaging images Personalized #Hashtags Call-to-Action links Engage patients Build reputation; Grow your Social Media presence; Suitable for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users

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