Meet Our Team

Who Are We?

Our creative team brings expertise and enthusiasm to focus on your dental marketing needs.

Cătălin N. • MFA • Creative Director & Founder • LinkedIn

Cătălin brings 26 years of brand identity and marketing experience and a multidisciplinary dental background to his work. Cătălin started MarketDental 16 years ago, he brings innovation and flexibility to every project, he understand how important is for a dental practice to have a proper, efficient and professional presence.
Each service created is grounded in the needs identified through both his family dental practice and the experiences of thousands of clients.
Cătălin holds a Master of Arts degree in Visual Arts and a Bachelor's degree of Fine Arts.

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Kevin L. • BSc • Technical Support Specialist • LinkedIn

Jacob S. • BAA • Digital Marketing Strategist • LinkedIn

Anum U. • BSc • Digital Marketing Strategist • LinkedIn

Jonathan S. • BSc • Full Stack Developer • LinkedIn

Arshdeep S. • BSc • Full Stack Developer • LinkedIn

Răzvan A. • BSc • Full Stack Developer • LinkedIn

Răzvan stepped into the web development world 25 years ago and driven by a passion, he continued to learn and evolve in most important technologies required. Being focused on quality and custom optimum solutions for each project, he is looking for the perfect combination, like a source code sorcerer, of any of his magical languages. Razvan holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Alex A. • BSc • Front-End Developer

Lucian D. • MSc • Front-End Developer

Oana Z. • BSc • Front-End Developer

Cristina S. • DDS • Dentist & Dental Consultant

Ioana S. • DDS • Dentist & Dental Consultant