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5 Tips for Improving Your Dental Practice

A quality brand increases the likelihood of someone contacting your practice for more information.

5 Tips for Improving Your Dental Practice

Let’s face it - people do judge a book by its cover. A quality brand increases the likelihood of someone contacting your practice for more information. If you want to attract patients, make sure your brand is memorable. Competition for patients is escalating.

#1 Dental Brand Identity

A brand identity is a basic business essential that is central to your marketing effort. This myth is aligned with the myth that your practice doesn’t need marketing. Not having a brand makes your practice look less than professional.

If just a couple of new patients call you because they feel your practice offers the quality of services they are seeking based on the image of your logo and brand identity, then your brand will pay for itself.

Be objective - would you call your practice if you saw your brand identity?
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#2 Does Your Dental Website Convert Visitors Into Patients?

Your website should position your dental practice as being professional and proficient. It should reduce your advertising expenses and encourage new patients to contact your practice without the need for aggressive marketing campaigns. An effective website will attract prospects and convert them into patients.

Earning the trust of new patients is critical to growing your dental practice. Once the patients trusts you and your staff, they will happily refer others. The question is, how can you encourage that trust?

Patients must be able to find the information they’re looking for. When they visit your website, they should see clearly marked links to your dental services. Include a smile gallery on your dental website that highlights your work. Include testimonials from satisfied patients; peer reviews have an enormous influence on conversions. A library of descriptive information, including articles and videos, can also play a key role in building trust. Provide details about your dental practice and your staff. Consider uploading a short video that introduces you and your staff to prospective patients. Each of these elements build upon one another to encourage patients’ trust in your dental practice.

The more information your dental website offers to your prospective patients, the more comfortable they’ll feel toward contacting your practice. The main goal of your website is to convert visitors into patients.
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#3 Allow Patients To Request Online Appointments

Everybody works during the day, calling your practice to schedule an appointment may be difficult for them. Allow patients to request appointments directly through your dental website or through This can be done through a simple email form that is forwarded to your practice. When your staff receives the request, they can contact the patient to confirm the details. If you give patients the flexibility to request an appointment on their terms, they’ll be far more likely to visit your practice.
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#4 Optimize Your Dental Website For Search Engines

Your website is only as valuable as patients’ ability to find it. While there are several strategies for driving targeted traffic to your website, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective. When people visit search engines (like Google, Yahoo! or bing) to search for local dentists, they visit the dental websites that appear in the top positions. The higher your website appears for your main keywords, the more visibility your practice will enjoy. And that visibility leads to higher case acquisition. In order for your dental website to climb the search engines’ organic listings, it must be designed for easy crawlability, indexing, and ranking. These are some of the main principles of SEO.
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#5 Educate Your Patients

Not only are most patients unaware with regard to how many dental procedures are performed, but they seldom hear of the latest technologies. For example, many people cringe at the thought of enduring a root canal, though sedation techniques are all but eliminating the discomfort. Uncertainty and fear discourage patients from making appointments. Your dental website can bridge the chasm of uncertainty by educating both prospective and current patients. Your website should include a library of helpful information that describes the benefits of crowns, veneers, implants, and other services your practice provides.

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