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Avoiding a 'Not Secure' Warning in Chrome – Here's How

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Avoiding a 'Not Secure' Warning in Chrome – Here's How

UPDATE! On February 8th Google announced on their blog they’re going to start alerting in July 2018 for non-SSL sites. Get your SSL today!

At this current time, Google Chrome browsers will be prompted that their connection is insecure any time the browser thinks you’re sending or receiving sensitive information. The warning may not appear immediately when browsing to a website. For example, when trying to log in to a website over HTTP, the browser will warn the user via the address bar only after the login field has been selected.

While a safer browsing experience is important to all users of the internet, there are some hosting providers and website owners that this will impact more than others. For example:

  • Practices that transact some form of online business on websites without HTTPS – We never recommend any form of business transaction to take place over insecure HTTP, and this warning message will remind your patients that you’re putting their information at risk.
  • Practices with a mix of HTTPS and HTTP – While not all information needs to be transmitted securely, employing a mix of HTTP and HTTPS can cause issues with testing your content, adds room for error for failing to encrypt secure information, and may cause similar errors in the future as browsers become more strict for mixed security content.

An SSL certificate will solve this issue!

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