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Best Dental Hashtags for social media

Top 10 hashtags for dentists to use on social media platforms like instagram, twitter and facebook.

Best Dental Hashtags for social media

We came across this brilliant article on what are the best hashtags to use for a dental office on social media. A lot of dentists ask us about this so we think this article can be helpful.

We have summarized the article for you, click here to read the full article.

Using correct hashtags will get you more exposure on the internet and you can reach out to more people that might end up visiting your dental office if they live in the area. Below is a short list of 10 best hashtags to use. In most cases this should work for you but feel free to add more hashtags if they apply, however it is also important that they are relevant.

  • Your location/city
  • #CleanEats
  • #Dentist
  • #DentalHumour
  • #HealthyLiving
  • #OralHealth
  • #Toothbrush
  • #HealthyTeeth
  • #HappyTeeth
  • Community/event

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