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A strong branding is vital to any practice's success.

A strong branding is vital to any practice's success. The following are few tips for revamping the brand identity of your dental practice.

A strong branding is vital to any practice's success.

How to revamp your practice's visual identity?

Improving on your practice visual identity requires a few strategies, beside the great services you provide and your interaction with your patients, you need to have patients remember your brand over that of your competitors. It’s important that you make their interaction with your dental office memorable, and a great brand identity will do that. You need to find all channels available for telling your mission and values.

Your dental practice's logo

A logo is a small part of the visual identity of your practice, but it’s a very important one. Your logo should communicate the concept of your dental practice even when prospective patients are driving home in their cars, they are looking at your logo only for few second. The efficiency of your logo will be the difference between attracting prospective patients or not. We can improve your logo and make it more effective.

Enhance your practice's image

On-Line Marketing

There are many ways that you can enhance the image of your practice to attract and maintain patients. The most important is to build a custom dental website that will match your particular practice. 85% of all prospective patients visit a practice's website before making a decision, so your website is extremely important. Use search engine optimization techniques to direct traffic to your website. The social media marketing also offer great advantages through which you can get your practice noticed.

You can also improve your look by redecorating the office (waiting areas and operatories) to look more modern and clean. New dental equipment, staff scrubs and a relaxing overall atmosphere will positively impress your patients.

Off-Line Marketing

Improving on your dental practice image isn’t complete until you have launched a powerful marketing campaign that brings your new visual identity to patients.
A creative approach make always an ad to stand out.
Our creative team can assist in creating ads for local newspapers, phone directory or magazine and direct mail prints. Make a lasting impression with quality offset printing for your collateral marketing materials (appointment and business cards, letterheads, envelopes, new patient forms...)

Get in touch with your prospective patients

Direct contact with your your prospective patients is essential for your dental practice. Try experimental marketing, get involved in your local community through different charities that appeal to your target patient base.

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