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Go Green With Paperless Invoicing

At MarketDental we believe that reducing our environmental footprint, and promoting more environmentally friendly products and services, is not only our responsibility, but it’s also in the best interest of our clients.

Help the Environment

Opting to go paperless will reduce not only paper use but also fuel to transport it and time being expended on something that could easily be sent via email.

Easier to Manage and Store

Since paperless billing allows you to download invoices in a PDF format, storing them can be as simple as creating folders in your email client or in your computer to keep previous invoices. To manage your monthly reoccurring bills, you can create alerts and reminders that the bills are due and once paid remove it from your inbox and file into the appropriate folder. The cleanup process once a bill is paid as simple as drop and dragging your mouse.

How to register for Online Billing?

Paperless Invoicing is a FREE service that allows you to view your monthly invoices directly on
Please contact us here to register for online billing.
Please specify your account number or practice name as well your email address to which your online invoice notifications should be sent.