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Lu Dental Has a New Website!

Lu DentalCare Has a New Website! Custom dental website, dental marketing and SEO for dentists and dental professionals

Lu Dental Has a New Website!

Lu Dental is one of our newer clients conveniently located at Yonge and Sheppard in North York, Toronto. We are pleased to design and develop their website to match their recent updates to the latest state-of-the-art dental equipment for providing the most up-to-date treatments available in Toronto.

The updated site will provide an elevated experience in terms of responsiveness as it adjusts to the screen size on any device you are using - cellphone, tablet or desktop. Improvements to the content include dedicated pages with detailed information on all dental services they provide.

The facility to book an appointment online can be accessed from the home page itself. For new patients, a new feature of filling out and signing forms digitally has been added, so patients can fill out all the information ahead of time from the convenience of their home. This saves everyone some valuable time by making their visit to the office much shorter. There’s a whole host of visually appealing changes and impactful advancements, all of which make the new site that much better and easier to navigate.

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