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New Website for Edge Dental

We have just launched a brand new dental website for our client in Winnipeg called Edge Dental. The website is very catchy with lots of useful information

New Website for Edge Dental

We are happy to announce the launch of a new website for Edge Dental!

The dentists at Edge Dental blend the art of dentistry with an advanced approach unequaled in personalized attention and professional care. Because one size does not fit all in modern dentistry, they design individual treatment plans to achieve optional oral health. Whatever your needs, they will take as much time as necessary to create a personalized plan that makes sense for you. No wasted time, not wasted money, and no surprises.

The new website has a very fresh and modern look combined with classic colours. Patients have access to a very user-friendly platform that jumps from one section to another just by scrolling through the page or clicking through the many bar. There is a convenient Patient Intake Form that new patients can download in the comfort of their own home and schedule an appointment through filling the online form under “Book now”. The new website can be accessed on all devices such as : smartphone, PC or laptop and any tablet since it has a responsive design.

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