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Paperless New Patients Form

Paperless New Patients Form - Measure Marketing ROI - All-in-one platform

Paperless New Patients Form

Collect digital signatures on every form and on any device.

We are very excited to have launched a paperless solution new patient forms that will save you time and effort. Now you can convert any paper forms into digital forms!
Our paperless forms can be completed on the comfort of your patient's home or on any tablet in the waiting room. This saves time for staff while helping reduce transcribing errors and eliminating the need to clarify patient handwriting.

We can build any custom forms!

Numerous benefits for you and your patients:
  • New patient reports,  we measure and report on our dashboard where every single new patient came from;
  • Collect signatures on every form and on any device. Like any other field, signatures will appear on the PDFs once are submitted;
  • No more paper registration, then scanning to your computer;
  • Easy and convenient for patients! Registration from the anywhere and at any time via the internet
Get started today and see the benefits of our electronic new patient dental forms. 
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