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3 Ways to Market Your Dental Practice Effectively

3 Ways to Market Your Dental Practice Effectively. Most dentists use all their marketing budget towards getting new patients.

3 Ways to Market Your Dental Practice Effectively

Most dentists use all their marketing budget towards getting new patients. What you miss out on is building customer loyalty amongst your existing patients, which leads to improved patient retention and a steady, loyal patient base in the long term.

Here are a few marketing tips on how you can turn those first-time visitors into lifetime patients:

1. Engage patients on a regular basis

Since a large number of patients only come into your dental practice every six months, it's important that you find ways to connect with them between their appointments. Social media is a great ways to communicate with your patients from virtually any location and any time. Your online interactions with your patients are an extension of the in-person dental care you provide them. These interactions provide an opportunity for you to distinguish your practice, and more importantly, improve patient experience by conveying your ongoing commitment to their dental health.

2. Provide patients with valuable information on relevant topics

Patients want to know that the dentist they have chosen is highly qualified to provide the best possible dental care. One way to demonstrate your dental expertise is with a regularly-updated blog. Blogging is a great way to consistently provide patients with valuable information about dental health or other relevant information. You can also offer your patients trusted and helpful educational resources through your blog. A robust patient education library or dental videos will provide patients with important information they need even after office hours while positioning you as an authority in dental healthcare.

3. Share important news and events

Between appointments, keep your patients informed of any changes in your office by sharing news, reminders or announcements. You can do this through direct mail, email or by simply posting updates on your dental website or social media pages. Patients interested in teeth whitening, for instance, will be more motivated to contact your office for an elective procedure if they are receiving special offers between regular visits.

You and your staff should have a keen understanding of what it takes to win a new patient over from the moment they make an appointment and walk through your dental practice door. Treat your patients with excellent care and attention, and follow up with patients between appointments to build loyalty and maintain a positive experience. Patients who value your service will not only continually choose your practice for their oral health needs, but they will also be more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

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