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Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

Please find below couple of tips we find indispensable to register a great domain name for your dental practice:
  • Make the domain unique;
  • Make it easy to type;
  • Make it easy to remember;
  • Set yourself apart with a brand;
  • Use your name or practice name;
  • Use stage name (perhaps related with your location, personality or to any pleasing visual appeal);
  • Use professional corporation name (Usually "Professional Corporation" does not need to appear in your logo or any other marketing communication that goes to patients. The PC is your legal name which would appear on all of your legal documents. Patients want to deal with the dentist and your friendly team and not a Corporation).

Check you domain names availability on the right side of this page or please click here.

As soon as we decide on your domain name, we'll create a temporary page while your website is being developed. It's good to have it live ASAP, because search engines needs weeks to index a new website.