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Your Dental Practice Needs a Blog!

So many reasons why your dental practice needs a blog and how it helps your online image in a positive way. So start blogging!

Your Dental Practice Needs a Blog!

Writing blog articles for your dental website is now more important than ever. According to recent surveys, more than 50% of Dental Practices who blog at least once a month have acquired a new patient through their blog. And that percentage is way higher for dentists who blog more often. This tells you the importance of something as simple as a blog post and how far it can go to get you new patients. Blog posts are social sharing material, which makes them very important as most of your patients use social media on a daily basis.

As a dental practice, your blog posts ideally should be related to dentistry. We have put together a list of ideas you can use to write posts. You can get creative and post interesting photos that relate to your business or staff as well as anything that seems relevant, or that your patients would find interesting. Blog posts should always be short (but not too short!) and engaging. Here are few examples of blog posts for dentists:

  • You can blog about events at your dental practice,, including fundraisers or other fun events. Its always a good idea to add photos so your patients can see the staff involved in events.
  • New additions or changes to your staff accompanied by photos is something your patients would like to read about.
  • Information about new technology or procedures that you have acquired would be very relevant to blog about. Make sure to keep it simple yet informative, and not too technical.
  • Announcements like holidays or special hours.
  • Any courses or conferences your staff has been attending so your patients are aware of their continuing education.
  • Frequently asked dental questions are always a good idea to blog about.
  • Recommendations on a product or service and reasons behind it, for example if you want to recommend using electric toothbrush over a manual one.

Always try to include images in your blog posts. Successful blog posts that receive the most social shares usually have relevant images. Also try and use keywords in the blog if possible, but do not force keywords where they do not naturally fit. This will make reading the blog awkward and uninteresting. Overall, write your blog posts for humans so they stay relevant and engaging, and can get social shares. Dont forget to add relevant hashtags when you share your blog on social media.

Let's start blogging!

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